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The world of Unnatural Allures is a fictionalized and heightened version of the late Victorian and Edwardian era. It is seen through the lens of our modern times, as well as through the lens of contemporary Gothic fiction. Still, it is based on history and historical society and culture, shaped by the rivaling forces of tradition and progress at the time.

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Who will you be playing?

Your characters will be part of the British upper-middle and upper class at the highpoint of the Empire. While not everyone may be rich or an aristocrat, everyone here has a very good reason to be accepted among the rich and the aristocratic.

As part of the powerful elite, the characters’ privilege is both a blessing and a curse. Mostly a blessing, since their wealth and social standing allows them a certain freedom. Most of them don’t have to worry about their livelihood or being troubled by the law. This circle of friends is also a progressive one, accepting all kinds of extravagant opinions and life choices. There is some room for deviation, whether it is someone’s political views, sexual orientation, or pastimes. Others might be bewildered by such non-conformity, but generally they will discreetly ignore it. One could be a feminist or a drug fiend, believe in spirits or in socialist revolution - those in the high society can afford to be a lot of things.

However, this freedom has its limits. The characters’ privilege also burdens them with a sense of responsibility - after all, the Empire depends on them. Whether they serve in the military, are a member of the landed gentry, an industrialist or a renowned scholar, they are pillars of society, expected to uphold the traditional values and rules. And while minor transgressions are overlooked, breaking the rules or standing outside society will result in serious consequences. Of course, compared to the plight of the working classes or the oppression of the people in the colonies, this is far from a real curse. But the upper classes still feel the pressure of upholding the standards of a society that gives them their power.

Therefore, everyone here has ultimately accepted the social order. Everyone enjoys a witty discussion or some cultured entertainment: playing the piano, discussing the theatre, dancing, playing lawn games. But any excessive emotions, any dark thoughts, any transgressive desires, are politely suppressed, bubbling underneath the facade of civility.


While clothing would obviously be incredibly important to these characters, as players you shouldn't worry about the historical accuracy or social relevance of your costume. Atmosphere, self-expression and practicability are always more important. For inspiration for possible looks, styles and mood , feel free to browse our Pinterest Board.

For more information about the characters, browse through the Character Gallery.

The Invitation

You have been invited to a party of the strangest sort and probably would have declined right away - if it wasn’t for the scent of marvellous scandal hanging over the entire affair. 
Your host, Sylvester Fairfax, used to be quite the flamboyant reveller in London’s fabulous High Seasons in his younger years. If you haven’t personally met up with him for a drink or three, you have heard at least the legends, growing more extravagant with each retelling. 
But this was years ago, before he moved to a secluded countryside manor, Blackwood House, to support his widowed aunt with managing the estate. Maybe he gave up on sowing his wild oats, maybe his family had finally had enough of his outings, or maybe you believed the rumours that one of his liaisons had given him the Lover’s Pox. But since he moved into his new abode, his visits to the Seasons have stopped all of a sudden. 

So the unexpected invite to an off-season “Mummy Reveal” party to the ridiculously remote country manor came quite as a surprise. You have heard of such parties, from when your grandparents were still in their younger years. The whole thing is so terribly out of fashion that it feels intriguing in its own right. All the more when your peers wrote to you they’d received the same invitation and were equally perplexed but willing to indulge. You could not dare to miss the spectacle - could you? 
A few hours ago you arrived at Blackwood House after a dreadful and utterly uneventful journey through the time-forgotten English countryside, were greeted by the head butler and shown to your rooms to freshen up and join the Society for dinner. 

Scandal awaits... 

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