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About Us

As a team, we are a creative and nerdy bunch of friends, who are trying something new together. Between us, we share years of experience in LARPS and other shared storytelling hobbies, both as players and organisers (some of us were part of running Club Babylon and Allegiance). Chat with us about literature, TTRPGs, board games, photography, writing, watercolours, chaos magick or guacamole recipes.


For our event we aim to create an immersive and intense experience. We want to facilitate emotional stories on a player level – be they daring, unusual, dark, creative, heart-wrenching, transcendent or intoxicating. For us, this is what makes immersive events like LARPs so special: moving beyond our usual frame of reference and taking parts of this transformation with us after the event itself. We want everyone to explore and experience these perspective shifts with their character(s). Bring your ideas, thoughts, fears. Tell these stories (and the big story) with us. We promise we will take you, your concerns and needs seriously. This is your experience after all.

This is why we are also diligent about safety and inclusion. We believe in player responsibility and in providing tools to create this collective sense of safety and trust. Players are more important than LARP – if all goes well, both come out greater.
For Unnatural Allures we will be rubbing up against colonialist perspectives and will guide our player to explore these deliberately and critically (see our disclaimer).





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