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Consent & Safety Mechanics

In Unnatural Allures we are exploring some dark and difficult topics during this LARP.
Yet, we want you all to always follow the Golden Rule:

Players are more important than LARPs; player consent always trumps character consequence!


To do this in a safe way, we have put the following consent and calibration mechanics in place. We will also practice their usage together in the mandatory workshop before the game.

Tap Out

By tapping twice on the body of your fellow player, you signal that you don't want to increase the intensity of the current scene any further, but that the scene can continue at equal or lower intensity. The tapped-out player improvises a way why their character does not increase intensity further. If the other player is too far away to tap on them, you can tap on yourself or nearby surfaces or say “tap out”.

The “See-No-Evil-Hand”

By looking down and shielding your eyes with one hand, you can signal to other players that you as a player want to leave the scene, even though your character might have no problem with it. You can always leave any scene OOC without needing any IC explanation. Other characters will find an explanation for you leaving and continue their scene. There will be neither IC nor OOC consequences for leaving a scene this way. If you feel like it, you can enjoy some fresh air in the organiser room or join a less intense scene instead.

"You wouldn't dare to... "

 By using this phrase you invite your fellow player to increase the intensity of the current scene. The invited player then decides whether and how they would like to act on it. The bullet-time rule still applies, even if a player invited you to escalate. 

Bullet-Time Consent

Whenever you want to increase intensity in your play with another character, do so slowly. This helps to give the other player time to react, process what is happening and to remember and use the adequate calibration mechanics if needed.

OK Check-In

Whenever you are unsure about someone else's emotional state OOC during the LARP, you can use the "Ok-Check-In" gesture OOC. This prompts the other player to return with a OOC gesture to signify if the player feels comfortable to play, or wants to take a break.

Out-Time Room

If you need anything to feel safe, feel free to go to the OC Room and/ or talk to an organiser.

In addition to these basic safety mechanics, there will be also rules in place for playing out scenes involving sexual interactions, physical conflict and drug use, which will be practised in a pre-game workshop. See our design document for more detail.

An important disclaimer at the end: you are in control of your experience. We will all try to look after one another, but you are the only one who knows your own boundaries. Please make sure to use the mentioned mechanics to signal and communicate your boundaries and remove yourself from any scenes that you no longer want to be in. You are the one in control of and responsible for the game you play and won't play here.

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