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Mechanic: Dreams of Old

Being so close to the Mummy‘s “mysterious aura” and the increasing folly of the manor house influences the characters. This influence grows stronger the weaker the mind of the characters are protected by their rational thinking. During the hours of sleep or in sleep-like states, they are most vulnerable to indulge in their mystical fantasies. 


After waking up from the night between the two days of play, each player will receive a short text describing a strange scene from an ancient Egyptian court. This text describes an exceptionally vivid and strangely realistic dream that your character had this night. It leaves them more with the feeling of having lived through one of their own memories than just a dream. It leaves such a strong impression on the characters, that they are likely to talk about their strange dreams to the others.


Throughout the second day of play, there will be more opportunities for the characters to have additional (day)dreams or visions, if the players would like to.


The dreams are an invitation for the players to fantasise about their passions and ambitions and having something mysterious to talk about at breakfast on the second day. They also are a signal of the shared hallucination of the Mummy’s effect slowly taking over the characters‘ thoughts and minds. There is however no hidden plot to uncover and if you collect all the information from all the characters‘ dreams, there will be no prize to be won. If you have other more interesting offers to play, you will not miss out on important parts of the experience.

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