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The Utopian Colonialist


"You are an Englishman, and have subsequently drawn the greatest prize in the lottery of life."

– Cecil Rhodes

Character Tags:

Compassion, Idealism and Justice, Obsession, Power and Control

Potential Triggers:

Nationalism, Psychological Manipulation (Perpetrator), War

Though some may call you a charlatan or a dreamer, you view yourself as a visionary, trying to establish a utopian colony for British settlers in the Pacific Ocean. Although you are a true patriot, the inevitability of future wars between European powers has made you doubtful about Britain's survival. This is why you want to create a safe haven for your countrymen, far from the tensions of Europe, in order to preserve British values and traditions. You mask your desperation to secure a safe future for everyone behind your charming smile, trying to convince others to join your cause.

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