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The Spiritual Artist


"For I am bound with fleshly bands, joy, beauty, lie beyond my scope; I strain my heart, I stretch my hands, and catch at hope."

– Christina Georgina Rossetti, "De Profundis"

Character Tags:

Art, Non-Conformity, Obsession, Spirituality

Potential Triggers:

Eating Disorder, Mental Illness, Self-Harm

Born into a family of artists, your fragile mind often strayed to other realms. But as your fantasies became manic hallucinations, you found yourself locked away in a mental institution. Now, you channel these visions into ethereal art that captivates with haunting beauty. Denying your body pleasures of the flesh, you open your mind to the transcendental wonders of the unknown. Though pain and sacrifice are the price for art that transcends reality, the fissure in your fractured vessel allows otherworldly beauty to seep through, elevating your creations beyond this plane of existence.

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