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The Paranoid Criminal


“Every society has the criminals that it deserves."

– Havelock Ellis, The Criminal

Character Tags:

Crime, Obsession, Power and Control, Social Status

Potential Triggers:

Addiction, Blackmail, Physical Violence (Perpetrator)

Starting with nothing, you rose through the rank to lead London's criminal underworld, taking out your former boss along the way. But success comes at a price, and your unrelenting paranoia is a constant companion. Every glance, every whisper, every gesture is scrutinized for signs of betrayal. You rely on drugs to quell your anxieties, but the dose has become dangerously high, blurring the line between reality and delusion. You struggle to keep a firm grip on your empire and your sanity, knowing that the thrill of power and the fear of losing it could be your undoing.

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