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The Crude Tycoon


"A man who has worked long enough to earn money has also earned the right to do whatever he wants with it."

– Andrew Carnegie, The Gospel of Wealth

Character Tags:

Idealism and Justice, Non-Conformity, Power and Control, Social Status

Potential Triggers:

Deceit/Betrayal, Nationalism

Rising from the ashes of poverty, you, the child of immigrants, clawed your way to the top of the American oil industry, amassing a fortune that should make the wealthy elite of Europe's high society quiver. But as you walk their gilded halls, the disdain and condescension of these blue bloods is palpable. So, you decided to embrace your role as the uncouth American. You flaunt your wealth, disregarding the facade of polite British society. You are determined to show them that a new age is upon them, and that their society is destined for the garbage heap of history.

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