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Staff: Watcher of the House


"Listen to the trees as they sway in the wind... their leaves are telling secrets."

— Vera Nazarian

Character Tags:

Compassion, Spirituality

Potential Triggers:

Mental Illness

From the creaking windows to the rustling trees, the House has always whispered its secrets to you. Descending from a long line of groundkeepers, the very soil of the estate feels like an extension of your being. As a child, you explored the House in secret, snuck into it, when everyone was asleep, because the House called to you. It wanted you to be there. Yet, the old Sir Blackwood sent you to a sanatorium because of your 'eccentricities' - and now, after you have returned you find the House in disarray. Amidst the chaos, you feel its call stronger than ever. The House needs you. There's something malevolent trapped within its walls, and it's your solemn duty to ensure it remains contained. With your parents deceased years ago, you are the now longest servant of the House, and your connection to the grounds is undeniable. But as the festivities proceed, will you be the guardian that the House seeks, or will its dark secrets consume you too?

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