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Staff: The Retired Thug


"Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is."

— Albert Camus

Character Tags:

Crime, Search for Purpose

Potential Triggers:

Deceit/Betrayal, Physical Violence (Perpetrator)

Born into a humble family, you always dreamed of a better life. Yet, you learned early, that leaving anything to dreams, will not get you far. Instead, you choose a life of crime. You've always been a fighter, refusing to accept the hand life dealt you. You've lived on the edge, facing countless perils. After a bloody run-in with the law and a stint in prison, your brother secured you a temporary position in the manor for the season. Now, as part of the House's staff, you see opportunities everywhere - who will miss some silver spoons or a nice imported rum from the storage cabinet. Yet, this House is growing on you - if you could just secure a permanent contract.

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